If you have a project requiring aggregates to complete, then we have the solutions for you. We can help you complete your project with a variety of sand and stone products. 

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NYS DOT Specified Aggregates


RMS Gravel, Inc. produces, sells, and delivers a variety of aggregate materials that meet NYS DOT specifications. The following list includes the State Codes and descriptions of each material. See Aggregates 101 for more information.

  • 605.0901-Type 1 Underdrain/Underdrain Filter Stone-1A Stone

  • 605.0901-Type 2 Underdrain/Underdrain Filter Stone- #1A Stone

  • 203.07-Select Granular Fill-Screened Gravel

  • 203.21-Select Structural Fill-Screened Gravel

  • 620.03-Light Stone Fill-Limestone Rip Rap

  • 620.04-Medium Stone Fill-Limestone Rip Rap

  • 620.05-Heavy Stone Fill-Limestone Rip Rap

  • 304.06-Subbase-Item-4 o Crushed Bank Run

  • 304.02-Limestone Crushed Type 2- Limestone

  • 623.11-Gravel Stone-#1 and #2 Stone Mix

  • 623.12-Limestone Mix- #1 and #2 Limestone Mix

  • 17203.90-Granular Drainage Blanket-Filter Sand

  • 613.0101-Topsoil

  • 203.03-Embankment-Bank Run Gravel

Gradation Test/Seive Analysis on Aggregates


RMS Gravel, Inc. orders gradation tests/sieve analyses on most of our aggregates each year. This procedure assesses the particle size distribution (gradation) of aggregate material. If your aggregate project requires specific gradation, contact the office for copies of the gradation tests. The following materials have been analyzed:

  • # 1 Stone

  • # 2 Stone

  • # 1A Stone

  • Concrete Sand

  • Filter Sand 

  • Mason Sand

  • Item 4 (crushed bank run gravel)



Septic System Aggregates


RMS Gravel, Inc. produces and sells filter sand approved for use in private septic systems by the Health Department of Cortland County and Tompkins County. The Health Departtment will issue guidelines for your septic system design with specific descriptions and requirements for each layer. RMS Gravel produces the following materials for septic system design:

  • # 2 Stone

  • # 1 Stone (Type 1 underdrain)

  • # 1A Stone (Type 2 underdrain)

  • Concrete Sand (Type 3 underdrain)

  • Filter Sand