Custom Crushing

Do you have raw materials from a pit or quarry that need to be processed? RMS Gravel, Inc. can mobilize our equipment to your location.

RMS Gravel, Inc. has been offering custom crushing services for over twenty years.  We are able to process materials to meet virtually any specific sizing needs of your project. No job is too big or too small for our rock crushing crews. We are able to mobilize, operate, and maintain portable rock crushing plants at your designated location anywhere east of the Mississippi River. These portable plants are able to process a number of materials including:

  • Bank Run Gravel

  • Limestone

  • Shale

  • any type of shot rock


As the customer, your only requirement is to supply the material you need processed. All custom contract crushing jobs include the following:

  • Portable rock crushing plant

  • Conveyors

  • Heavy equipment (front-end loaders, hammers, excavators, etc.)

  • MSHA trained and certified labor force​


Need a load of stone or sand delivered to your site? RMS has a fleet of dumptrucks and tractor-dump trailers capable of transporting aggregates to your location.

RMS Gravel, Inc. is pleased to be able to offer trucking services for our customers. Ten-wheeler dump trucks typically hold 18-20 tons of aggregate materials. They are more maneuverable and can fit in smaller spaces than our tractor-trailers. The tractor-trailers typically hold 29-30 tons of materials. Partial loads are also available.


Trucking fees are based upon delivery site and quantity of material.
RMS Gravel, Inc. also has the resources to deliver large quantities of material to locations across New York State. Past projects included the delivery of 48,000 tons of armor stone to Braddock Bay in Greece, NY for the Break Wall Rehabilitation Project.


Let RMS Gravel, Inc. help you with getting aggregates to your next project location.

Asphalt Millings & Concrete Recycling

Why spend the extra money on new materials when you can let RMS Gravel, Inc. process your concrete or asphalt to be reused?

RMS Gravel, Inc. is happy to help you save money by helping you with your recycling project. RMS Gravel can mobilize recycling plants anywhere in the Northeast and Southeast  to process almost any rock-based material for recycling purposes. The most common materials processed for recycling are asphalt and concrete.

As the customer, your only requirement is to supply the materials to be recycled. All custom recycling projects include the following:

  • Portable recycling plant 

  • Conveyors 

  • Heavy equipment (typically front-end loaders to feed the plant and move materials)

  • MSHA trained and certified labor force


Do you have a driveway needing a new top dressing of gravel or stone? Or perhaps you are installing a new walkway or patio. RMS Gravel, Inc. is here to help you with your next do-it-yourself project.


As a homeowner or do-it-yourselfer RMS Gravel, Inc. has the resources to deliver small quantities of aggregates to you. Do you need help calculating the tonnage you need for your project or are you wondering what aggregate is suitable for your project? See the Aggregates 101 page for help.

Do you have your own truck or trailer? RMS Gravel is happy to load small quantities of aggregates for you to take to your own project. Don't need many aggregates for your project? RMS Gravel has several small piles of aggregates for  you to load yourself. All you need is a shovel and a strong back.